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Weightage Marks for the Selection of Lecturer in Medical Colleges:

In cases where selection of Lecturer in Medical Colleges is finalised without a Written test ie; on the basis of % marks for the qualifying examinations and marks for interview alone, weightage marks will be awarded to Post Graduate Degree/Post Graduate Diploma holders in the concerned subjects. Weightage of 4 marks for Post Graduate Degree holder and 2 marks for Post Graduate Diploma holders will have to be awarded. There are certain subjects in which specialisation can be had only after taking a postgraduate degree in the allied subjects. Such subjects (or Super Specialities) which require a basic postgraduate degree are mentioned below. The Specialities in which a candidate shall have MD/MS before taking up specialisation in the super-specialities are also noted against each.

A candidate who applied for the post of Lecturer in any of the 10 subjects referred to above and who does not possess a post-graduate

Sl.No.Subjects (Super Specialities)Prior requirements

1NeurosurgeryM.S. (Surgery) or M.S. (Orthopaedics)

2Cardio Thoracic SurgeryM.S. (Surgery)

3Plastic SurgeryM.S. (Surgery) or M.S. (Ortho) or M.S. (ENT)

4Genito-Urinary SurgeryM.S. (Surgery) or M.D. (Obstetrics & Gynaecology)

5Paediatric SurgeryM.S. (Surgery) or M.S. (Orthopaedics)

6Gastro EnterologyM.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Paediatrics)

7EndocrinologyM.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Paediatrics)

8NeurologyM.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Paediatrics)

9CardiologyM.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Paediatrics)

10Clinical HaematologyM.D. (Medicine) or M.D. (Paediatrics) or M.D. (Pathology)

 Degree in that subject ie; speciality, but has got a postgraduate degree noted against it can be awarded a weightage of 2 marks ie; weightage marks of 2 will be awarded for candidates possessing postgraduate degree in prior-requirement subjects for Super Speciality Subjects.

No candidates will be eligible for the weightage as aforesaid, if selection for the post of Lecturer in Medical Colleges are finalised by taking into account of the marks in the written test, interview marks and marks for qualifying examination.