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In the G.O.(MS)No.21/78/GAD dated 11.01.1978, the Government of Kerala have laid down the criterion for awarding weightage marks to meritorious sportsmen in the direct recruitment of candidates to all categories of Class III and Class IV posts in the State Service. In this case, only the claims of candidates who have secured marks equal to or above the cut off marks prescribed by the Commission for preparing short list or ranked list have to be considered. Certificates issued by Amateur sports organisations in respect of State events representing Districts (not clubs) and National events representing States will be accepted provided that the Amateur Sports Association is affiliated to any of the National Sports Associations mentioned in appendix VII of KSR Volume I and the certificates bear the countersignature of the Kerala Sports Council.

Weightage (Extra marks) will be given to the meritorious sportsmen on the following items of sports and games.

1. Football

2. Athletics

3. Volleyball

4. Aquatics (Swimming, Diving, Water polo)

5. Basket Ball

6. Hockey

7. Badminton (Shuttle)

8. Tennis

9. Ball Badminton

10. Table Tennis

11. Cricket

12. Kabaddi

13. Wrestling

14. Gymnastics

15. Kho-kho

16. Weight lifting & Body Building

17. Boxing

18. Chess

19. Cycling

20. Handball

21. Kalrippayat

22. Cycle Polo

23. Billiards

24. Rifle Shooting

25. Mountaineering


1. Power Lifting

2. Canoeing and Kayaking

3. IndIan Style Wrestling

4. Women's Cricket

5. Women's Hockey

6. Rowing

7. Archery

GO (MS) No.88/2020/GAD Dated 04/05/2020









Sutable grades of extra marks will be fixed for the following categories,

   (a) Sportsman who have represented the State or the Country in a National or International competition.

   (b) Sportsman who have represented their Universities in the Inter - University Tournaments conducted by the Inter   University Sports Board.

   (c)Sportsman who have represented the State School Teams in the National Sports/Games for schools conducted by    the All India School Games Federation.

   (d) Winners at State level competition conducted under the auspices of the State Government/Universities in the State/the Kerala Sports Council.

No relaxation of age or educational qualification will be given under this scheme.

Lady candidates will also be included in the tearm "Meritorious Sportsmen".

Selection under their scheme will be made by the Public Service Commission.

Selection of candidates under the scheme will be made subject to normal rules relating to recruitment including communal reservation.

Extra marks as noted against each category of sportsmen below under " Individual events" and "Team events" will be as follows:-


1. Representing the Country in the international Competition viz. World Olympics, Asian Games and Common Wealth Games- 30% Extra

2. Representing the State in nationals- 20% Extra

3. Representing the university in All India university Games (Inter Zone)- 15% Extra

4. Representing the State schools in all India schools games- 10% extra

5. Representing State/university in south zonal events- 7.5% extra

6. Representing district (but not clubs) in state championship and colleges in inter-collegiate (Inter Zonal Meets)- 5% extra


1. Representing India in International Tournaments- 20% Extra

2. Representing the State in Nationals- 15% Extra

3. Representing University in Inter University Tournaments (Inter-Zonal) and representing State/Schools in All India School Games- 10% Extra

4. Representing State/University in the South Zonal Events- 7.5% Extra

5. Representing Colleges in Inter Collegiate (Inter-Zonal Championship and Districts (But not Clubs) in the State Championships- 4% Extra

(C) In addition to the above, marks will be awarded to winners of the first, second and third places as follows:

(i) In International events 30% for 1st place, 25% for 2nd place and 15% for 3rd place. In all other cases 10% more for individuals for securing the 1st place, 7.5% for those who secure the 2nd place and 5% for those who secure the 3rd place.

(ii) So far as team events are concerned such of those individuals who are in the winning team will be given an additional 10% and those in the runner-up team will be given 5%. However, in International events members of the winning team will get 25% extra and members of the runner-up team will get 15% extra.

(iii) If a candidate has participated in more than one event or in more than one game enumerated above the best performance in any one event of game which is to his advantage alone will be considered.

(iv) The Weightage of marks will be allowed only as among candidates who are called for interview or who are proposed to be included in a ranked list on the basis of a written examination.

The maximum marks that can be awarded to a candidate for all the items put together should be 35% (Thirty five per cent) of the total marks.

If a selection is made on the basis of marks for the written test alone, weightage will be calculated taking into account of the % of marks for the written test. In order to award the weightage of marks, the candidates will be asked to produce the original documents and the orders of Member of the Commission shall be obtained for awarding the marks. This can be done along with the interview of Physically Handicapped Candidates.

If selection is made on the basis of interview alone or on the basis of the marks for the written test/qualifying examination/practical test and interview, the % of marks for the interview alone will be taken into account for awarding the weightage marks for the sportsmen.

A candidate who has applied for a selection and has enjoyed the benefit will not be disqualified for enjoying the same benefit in another selection.