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In the case of District-wise Selections to Last Grade Servants and certain sub Clerical posts mentioned in G.O.(P) No.5/93/P&ARD dated 15.01.93, weightage marks will be given to candidates who apply to such posts to the District to which they belong provided they are otherwise qualified. Accordingly candidates who qualify for interview/who secure minimum cut off marks to be included in the ranked list will be given a weightage of 5 marks. In the case of selection finalised by an interview the Weightage marks will be awarded by the District Officer at the time of interview after verifying the nativity certificate. For selection to posts finalised by way of Written Test/Practical Test or both the weightage marks will be awarded by the District Officer after verifying the nativity certificate before finalising the ranked list.

The candidates have to be directed to produce nativity certificate in original from the concerned Village Officer or Higher Revenue Authority for awarding marks. Before awarding marks the District Officer should see that the District noted in the Nativity Certificate and the claim of the candidate in the relevant column of the application are one and the same.