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The Ex-Servicemen shall be given weightage of marks in accordance with the following procedure.

1. Weightage of marks will be awarded only to those ex-servicemen who receive pensionary benefits from the Defence Forces. No mark shall be given for period of service less than 2 years.

Note: - 1. In order to prove that the candidate who has been relieved with pensionary benefits they shall produce pension payment orders or in lieu of the pension payment orders pension payment certificates if the fact of eligibility for pension is not clear from the discharge certificate.

2. Ex-servicemen who are in actual receipt of pension and those ex-servicemen who have been issued with discharge certificate prior to the date of discharge and are eligible for pension from the date of actual discharge are also entitled to weightage marks.

3. The Service in the Defence Forces which makes one qualified for the post in terms of qualifications fixed for the post will not be considered for the award of weightage marks. However, the excess of Defence Service over the prescribed length insisted on as qualification will be considered for the award of weightage marks.

2. The basis of award of marks as per the length of service shall be one mark for every two years of service subject to a maximum of ten marks provided that the weightage marks will be as follows in cases where the interview mark is 20/25/40.

        Length of Service                                                        Weightage of marks

        20 years and above                                                          3 marks

        10 years and above but below 20 years                          2 marks

          2 years and above but below 10 years                          1 mark

3.The basis for giving marks for Gallantry Awards and other Awards shall be as follows:-


1.P.V.C. (Param Vir Chakra)15 Marks

2.M.V.C. (Maha Vir Chakra)10 Marks

3.Vr.C. (Vir Chakra)8 Marks

4.Sena Medal/Nau Sena Medal/Vayu Sena Medal 5 Marks

5.Asoka Chakra4 Marks

6.Kirthi Chakra 3 Marks

7.Shouria Chakra 2 Marks

8.Mention in dispatch (Mention in dispatch is also accepted
as Gallantry awarded by Army Headquarters)
1 Mark


P.V.S.M.(Param Vishisht Seva Medal)15 Marks

A.V.S.M. (Adhi Vishist Seva Medal)10 Marks

Vishisht Seva Medal8 Marks

 4. Marks for the Gallantry Awards and other awards shall be given in addition to the marks to be awarded for the length of service, subject to the condition that the aggregate grace marks awarded to a candidate for the length of service, Gallantry Awards and other awards shall not exceed 23.

Note:- Persons serving the Armed Forces who on retirement from service will come under the category of Ex-serviceman will be eligible to apply for employment through Kerala Public Service Commission one year before the specified term of engagement.