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The following procedure shall be observed in dealing with the applications of physically handicapped persons applying for various posts. They shall produce certificate from a Medical Officer in Government Service not below the rank of Civil Surgeon Gr.II to prove that they are Physically Handicapped.

  1. Age concession upto 15 years will be given to the blind, deaf and dumb and 10 years to the Orthopaedically handicapped persons, over and above the existing upper age limit prescribed for direct recruitment to posts in various services of the State to enable them to compete for the posts for which they are considered suitable and duties of which they can discharge satisfactorily after their appointment.
  2. In all cases of selections except those specifically excluded, the physically handicapped candidates will be given grace marks at the discretion of the Commission subject to a maximum of 12% marks to the blind, the deaf and dumb and 10% marks to the Orthopaedically handicapped. The order of priority among the categories of Physically handicapped will be

    a) The Blind, b) the deaf and the dumb, c) Orthopaedically Handicapped.
  3. The physically handicapped candidates will be interviewed by the Commission to test-

    a) Whether they are in a position to discharge the duties satisfactorily in a post to which they may be appointed.
    b) Whether the Physically Handicapped claimed is feigned or real.
  4. In case where selection is made on the basis of written test alone grace marks to Physically Handicapped Candidates will be given by the Commission at their discretion in an interview and the marks so awarded at the interview will be added to the marks for written test and the ranked list prepared accordingly. The eligibility of Physically Handicapped candidates for interview will be determined by notionally adding the maximum eligible marks to the marks for the written test, to see whether the total marks so arrived at become equal to or above the cut off marks prescribed for the preparation of the ranked list.
  5. In the case of selections which are made on the basis of the marks for the written test and or qualifying examination marks or practical test plus interview marks, grace marks will be given after an interview subject to the maximum percentage (10% or 12% as the case may be) of the interview marks prescribed. In the cases where selection is finalised by an interview alone, the same procedure will be applied (If the percentage come to .5 (Point five) it will be rounded to the next digit).
  6. While preparing Short List of candidates for interview, the claims of Physically Handicapped Candidates will be considered and they will be included in the short list if the total of the actual marks secured by them and a notional increase equal to 12% or 10% as the case may be of the total marks for the written test/qualifying marks/practical test come up to or above the cut off level.

    Note: - In all cases the notional increase will not be taken into account for the calculation of total marks for ranking.
  7. If Physically Handicapped candidates are found suitable at the interview they will be included in the ranked list on the basis of marks secured by them even if they dont secure the maximum i.e.; 12% or 10% as the case may be, fixed for interview.
  8. An extra time of 15 minutes per hour will be granted to orthopaedically handicapped candidates in all Exams including Departmental tests conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission. The percentage of disability and the fact that the candidate cannot write at normal speed should be specifically mentioned in the medical certificate. This concession will not be allowed in the case of Examinations which are fully objective. The blind candidates will be allowed to post scribes if specifically requested for.

    The physically handicapped persons will be considered for appointment only to such posts, the duties attached to which can be satisfactorily discharged by them. Without prejudice to the generality of the above provisions, the concessions will not apply for appointment to the following posts.

    a) All executive posts in the Police Department.
    b) All executive posts in the Excise Department.
    c) All executive posts in the Prisons Department.
    d) All executive posts in the Forest Department.
    e) Deputy Collector.
    f) Tahsildar.
    g) Physical Director/Directress.
    h) Physical Education Teacher.
    i) Reserve Conductor.
    j) Driver.
    k) Sergeant.
    l) Dance Master (Kathakali Dance).
    m) Nurse.
    n) Auxiliary Nurse/Midwife.

    Posts for which they may be declared unsuitable from time to time.

These conditions shall be applicable to recruitment to the posts in the Kerala State Electricity Board and Kerala State Road Transport Corporation except the following categories.


a) All Executive Posts in the Electrical and Civil Branches.

b) Regional Personnel Officer.

c) Driver.

d) Sergeant.

e) Watcher.

f) Electricity Worker.


g) Reserve Driver.

h) Reserve Conductor and posts in the higher division.

However these conditions shall not apply to recruitment to the services under the Government Owned Companies and Corporations until those concerns adopts these orders. The fact whether these orders are applicable will be made clear in Part I of the Notifications in respect of each post notified from the concerned Recruitment Wing.