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Category Number
CAT.NO : 409/2023 TO CAT.NO : 473/2023
Last date



Senior Scientific Assistant in the Department of Physiology - Medical Eduction (Cat.No.409/2023)


Higher Secondary School Teacher (Junior) Computer Science - Kerala Higher Secondary Education (Cat.No.410/2023)


Microbiologist (Bacteriologist) - Kerala Water Authority (Cat.No.411/2023)


Microbiologist (Bacteriologist) (By Transfer) - Kerala Water Authority (Cat.No.412/2023)


Librarian Gr.IV - State Central Library (Cat.No.413-414/2023)


Laboratory Technician (Pharmacy) - Medical Education (Cat.No.415/2023)


Police Constable Driver/ Woman Police Constable Driver - Kerala Police (Cat.No.416/2023)


Electrician - Medical Education (Cat.No.417/2023)


 Tradesman - Technical Education Department (Cat.No.418-430/2023)


Lab Assistant - Kerala Water Authority (Cat.No.431/2023)




Priority Sector Officer - Kerala State Co-operative Bank Limited (Cat.No.432/2023)


Assistant Manager (GENERAL CATEGORY) - Kerala State Co-operative Bank Limited (Cat.No.433/2023)


Assistant Manager (SOCIETY CATEGORY) - Kerala State Co-operative Bank Limited (Cat.No.434/2023)


Assistant Grade II - Kerala State Housing Board (Cat.No.435/2023)




Recording Assistant - Kerala State Film Development Corporation Limited. (Cat.No.436/2023)


Junior Male Nurse - Kerala Minerals and Metals Limited (Cat.No.437/2023)


Stenographer Grade IV - Steel and Industrial Forgings Limited (Cat.No.438/2023)


Field Officer - Kerala State Co-operative Rubber Marketing Federation Limited (Cat.No.439/2023)


Sewing Teacher (High School) - Education (Cat.No.440/2023)


Physical Education Teacher (High School) (Malayalam Medium) - Education (Cat.No.441/2023)


Sewing Teacher (UPS) - Education (Cat.No.442/2023)


Part time High School Teacher (Sanskrit) - Education (Cat.No.443/2023)


Part time High School Teacher (Malayalam) - Education (Cat.No.444/2023)


Clerk (From Ex-servicemen only) - NCC/Sainik Welfare (Common Notification) (Cat.No.445/2023)


Assistant Time Keeper - Printing Department (Cat.No.446/2023)


Laboratory Assistant - Higher Secondary Education (Cat.No.447/2023)


Last Grade Servants (Ex-servicemen only) - NCC/Sainik Welfare (Cat.No.448/2023)


Non Vocational Teacher Physics (Senior) (SR for ST only) - Kerala Vocational Higher Secondary Education (Cat.No.449/2023)


Junior Health Inspector Gr. II (SR for ST only) - Health Services (Cat.No.450/2023)


Last Grade Servants (Special Recruitment for SC/ST and ST only) - Various (Cat.No.451/2023)


Assistant Professor (Prosthodontics) (II NCA-SCCC) - Medical Education (Cat.No.452/2023)


Assistant Insurance Medical Officer (II NCA-Muslim) - Insurance Medical Services (Cat.No.453/2023)


LDC (PART-II - SOCIETY CATEGORY) (I NCA-SC) - Kerala State Co-operative Coir Marketing Federation Ltd.(Cat.No.454-455/2023)


Driver PART - I (GENERAL CATEGORY) (I NCA-OBC) - Apex Societies of Co-operative Sector in Kerala (Cat.No.456/2023)


High School Teacher (Arabic) ( NCA-E/B/T/OBC/SCCC/LC/AI/SC) - Education (Cat.No.457-461/2023)


Staff Nurse Gr-II (II NCA-Muslim) - Health Services (Cat.No.462/2023)


Sewing Teacher (High School) (I NCA-Muslim/SC/SIUCN) - Education (Cat.No.463-465/2023)


Pharmacist Gr-II (Homoeo) (III NCA-SCCC) - Homoeopathy (Cat.No.466/2023)


Pharmacist Gr-II (Ayurveda) (VII NCA-SCCC) - Indian Systems of Medicine (Cat.No.467/2023)


Part Time Junior Language Teacher (Urdu) (IV NCA-ST) - Education (Cat.No.468/2023)


Peon/Watchman - PART II (SOCIETY QUOTA) (II NCA-SC/SCCC/HN/M/LC/AI - Peon/Watchman (Cat.No.469-473/2023)